Table Design Guide for a Summer Brunch


In the summer, sunshine and a breeze is enough to prompt you to invite friends over for a small brunch. Here’s an easy guide to impressing your guests with your tablescaping.

Make sure you have a bright table cloth on hand. It easily revamps your regular table and brightens up a room. Don’t over think the plates. Mismatching plates look just as good as your finest china set. Check out my post on mismatched dinnerware here.ABOUT US IMAGE

Any table is brightened by fresh flowers because they provide the perfect contrast. I always make sure to have a vase on hand that’ll match any table; glass and neutral colored vases are your best bet. Fresh flowers may be expensive, but even splurging on a few bright blooms will bring a table to life.


Gifts can also be a great part of your table display. Paper Truffles is great at matching gifts to your table decor. Gifts create an elegant, cohesive look to any brunch or special occasion tablescape you might have.

A note on food: summer cuisine is supposed to light and refreshing. Here we served iced drinks with sliced lemon and a few tea cakes. You can also serve your guests a summer pasta salad or a cold soup like gazpacho. Finger food is also great!

What are your tips and tricks for a summer brunch? Leave your comments below.

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