Since graduating from SCAD Savannah with a masters degree in Architecture and a minor degree in Electronic design, I continue to enjoy a successful practice in architecture. Along the way I have also grown to appreciate the work of talented designers who collaborate to create unique events for life’s special moments, one occasion at a time. With a desire to contribute to these celebrations, I created Paper Truffles.

Be it for the weddings, holidays or any special occasion, Paper Truffles draws upon a vast background of design expertise to infuse sophistication, elegance and personal touches to gift presentations and table top decor.

It has become our goal to bring elegance to the events of life and to elevate the art of giving. We custom design and gift wrap each project to portray either ones personal style, the theme of the event or the purpose of the gift. With our unique style, even the simplest of gifts or event can become something special. Your gift should be personal and come from the heart; the presentation should come from Paper Truffles.